Both Ragnarok and Spymaster are some of the best escape rooms I have ever tried – I love the way the mood has been set in both rooms.



If you really want to have a great "experience" then RiddleHouse is really worth a visit. I brought my colleagues - they were extremely excited!


RiddleHouse is a thought-through concept. All puzzles are pretty cool – and the rooms are both fun and nerve wrecking till the last second. I’m a fan!


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If you are in a larger group that has to play two rooms, we can start you up at the same time (the rooms usually start 45 minutes off). Simply include “we want to start at xx at the same time” in the comments section of each booking


(for 2-6 PLAYERS)
The scene has been set in Valhalla: Loke has stolen and hidden Mjoelner – the hammer of Thor. The army of the Giants are marching towards Asgaard – the Gods are helpless. In one hour, Ragnarok begins. Odin –King of the Gods – needs a group of brave people to find Mjoelner, before Ragnarok break lose. You’ve got 60 minutes to find the hammer. Can you prevent Ragnarok? It is you who rule he destiny of the Gods. Are you the heroes who will save Asgaard?


(for 2-6 PLAYERS)
The cold war: NATO and the Warzaw pact fight each other with all means except direct warfare. The Soviet Union has sent their best spy to Denmark: The Spymaster. He has infiltrated the Stevens Fortress and stolen the blueprints. You are a group of secret agents from the Police Intelligence, and you have located the Spymasters secret hideout in a hotelroom in Koege. You have one hour to search the room and find the secret documents before the Spymaster returns to the room.Can you prevent World War 3?


(for 20-400 players)

This mobile event is perfect for companies, leisure assocations, sports clubs, schools etc – we vist you with gamemasters, equipment etc., and the event will be tailored to meet your exact needs.

In 1992 some very valuable original scripts from H. C. Andersen was stolen – your group is now a gropu of secret police agents, and together you have to solve the case and find the stolen scripts. In 60 minutes you will have to do your best and put teamwork and logic thinking to the max.

The only online escaperoom in Denmark –  for groups of 4-6 players – and all groups are competing against each other to get the best time score. All groups play on their own (only one) computer. This is pure teamwork, communication and lots of fun.

We will arrive with gamemasters, props and everything else you need for a serious teambuilding event – please write us at for more information.

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