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We are closed for online booking mondays and tuesdays. All other days we are open 9-23. I f you have requests for a game on a monday or tuesday please write us at hello@riddlehouse.dk or call us at (+45) 71 74 91 41


(for 2-6 PLAYERS)
The scene has been set in Valhalla: Loke has stolen and hidden Mjoelner – the hammer of Thor. The army of the Giants are marching towards Asgaard – the Gods are helpless. In one hour, Ragnarok begins. Odin –King of the Gods – needs a group of brave people to find Mjoelner, before Ragnarok break lose. You’ve got 60 minutes to find the hammer. Can you prevent Ragnarok? It is you who rule he destiny of the Gods. Are you the heroes who will save Asgaard?


(for 2-6 PLAYERS)
The cold war: NATO and the Warzaw pact fight each other with all means except direct warfare. The Soviet Union has sent their best spy to Denmark: The Spymaster. He has infiltrated the Stevens Fortress and stolen the blueprints. You are a group of secret agents from the Police Intelligence, and you have located the Spymasters secret hideout in a hotelroom in Koege. You have one hour to search the room and find the secret documents before the Spymaster returns to the room.Can you prevent World War 3?

The Exit Files - can you escape?

(for 20-400 PLAYERS)

This mobile event is perfect for companies, leisure assocations, sports clubs, schools etc – we vist you with gamemasters, equipment etc., and the event will be tailored to meet your exact needs.

A mad scientist has prisoned you and your group in a new dimension: On the Internet! Your contact in ”the real world” has managed to smuggle an envelope with secret puzzles, codes etc. to you – and eveything can be solved through the Internet. You now have 75 minutes to find your way out – or you will be trapped on the web forever.

A great escape room ”on site” game for groups of 4-6 players – and all groups are competing against each other to get the best time score. All groups play on their own (only one) computer. This is pure teamwork, communication and lots of fun.

If you do not have the facilities yourself, or just wants to leave the office for your next event, Riddlehouse Escape Room has partnered up with Bournonville’s Wild West. Here we can facilitate games for up to 400 players, and we also offer other entertainment with gun shooting, rodeoriding on a bull, squaredance and many other things – plus the best food and drinks you can imagine. Wrote us at hello@riddlehouse.dk or call us at +45 71 74 91 41 – then we will tailor a package that suits your exacts needs. All mobile games is in English – and our gamemasters also speak native Danish