Escape Room is a group game, where you are ”locked” in a room with your group. You have 60 minutes to complete your mission, which can be escaping the room bringing a special object.

You solve the mission by cooperating, do creative thinking, solve riddles og do the tasks and challenges you are given. During the game you will find a number of clues, that will help you continue the game. The clues can be hidden, visible, locked in or something else. If you are stocked in a puzzle, your gamemaster will help you with a clue.

In an escape room nothing is what it seems like, and you will have plenty of fun and surprises during the game.

It takes teamwork and communication. If a player eg. has found a key in a drawer, another player might have found a key in a cupboard. If you don’t talk together, you will never solve the mission.

On the other hand it doesn’t require muscle power, and you should never use physical strength – only the power of the brain.

In fact everyone can play. Our rooms are designed for friends, families, companies and tourists. In other words: Anyone who wants 60 minutes of exicetement and fun. However our rooms are not suited for wheelchairs. Neither do we accept customers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In our rooms you can play from 2 to 6 players. We recommend 3-4 players per room.

Our rooms are designed to fit max. 6 persons. If more participants play, several of you will stand with nothing to do. We want to create the best possible experience where everyone can be active, and this you’ll only get with max. 6 persons in the room.

In Køge and Næstved there is free parking (at the museum in Køge there is free parking at Køge town square). In Roskilde there are free parking spaces at the neighbouring Roskilde Kongrescenter. In Copenhagen there is regular paid parking in the area around Gothersgade.

No, it is not. We do not lock our rooms for real, so you can always leave the room. We do not use gas or real fire, and we have emergencye exits in both ends of the building. The authorities have approved the building as well.

Yes, we have several parking spots right outside our location.

As we have some scary effects and props in our rooms, we recommend a minimum age of 10-12 years accompanied by an adult.

Our prices depends on which day you play. Weekends are most expensive, and it usually costs between 200-250 DKK pr. person. However you always pay for 4 players, even if you only are a group of 2 or 3.

If You want to play today or tomorrow, write to us or give us a call at (+45) 7174 9141. Then we will do our very best to make it happen.

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