Large groups

Teambulding - company day - bachelor party

If your group is 10-12 participants or more, please contact us so we can arrange for you all to start and finish at the same time, make special arrangements, etc. whether for a large company group, a bachelor party, or a school or institution.

We also collaborate with Bournonville’s Wild West, just a few miles’ drive from our escape rooms, which means that we can tailor your package with teambuilding, company days, bachelor partys etc. in an extraordinary location on a real ranch with gun shooting, bow and arrow, rodeo riding on a bull – and with the most delicious food you can imagine. Read more on

NEW! Combine the mobile escape game with presentations, exercises and good fun about personality types. We work together with the consultancy agency, where Mr. Rasmus Visby provides valuable insight that will make a difference when it comes to cooperation, development or communication. The insight will give you sound things to consider and a firm grip about internal and external relations. The presentation is both serious and good fun, and can be used either before the game or as a part of the debriefing after a short break. Duration from 60-120 minutes.

Please write to us at – then we will make a package that suits your exact needs for time, duration etc.

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