• 60min.
  • 3 - 8
  • 16+
  • High
  • 9,5 / 10
  • From 249kr. each person at/ minimum 4 persons
  • Gothersgade 35, 1.sal, 1123 Copenhagen

You have 60min. to:


It all starts with the mysterious and sudden death of a physically fit girl and her company. Her shocked cousin is hospitalized in the Seattle mental hospital. The only thing she is talking about is a little girl with long black hair and a videotape. There is an urban legend about this videotape. You must not watch it for any reason whatsoever. However, in case you give into the temptation to watch it, you will have to solve the mystery associated to the tape, or else Samara Morgan will hunt you. Do you have the nerve and the courage to discover what has happened and not to come across Samara?


When you arrive at our locations you will be welcomed by one of our Gamemasters. The Gamemaster shows how the game works and will follow your process through a camera and send you hints through a screen located in the room. At the same time, you can see your time and progress in the room.

In the room you must solve puzzles, break codes and by collaborating and communicating you have to solve the challenges which the room has to offer.

The Ring offers challenges for everyone and can test and scare even the sharpest brains. No one can complete the process on their own as it requires coordination and communication, as a team, to solve the challenges within 60min.

Our Escape Room is presented with difficult challenges and if you get out on time from The Ring, you will have the possibility to achieve an honorary place on our “high score” board, where your team name, time and used hints will make its mark


The Ring is developed with external inspiration. The atmosphere is intense where you get the feeling being inside a horror movie.

The room is designed in a way that everyone has a chance to solve the puzzles that are used in the room. The rooms are constantly supervised by one of our skilled Gamemasters who can provide hints to solve the puzzle if needed.

Book a time and get the ultimate experience. Whether you are looking for a teambuilding experience, having a corporate party, do a family activity, bachelor party or just having fun with your friends – we make sure you have an unforgettable experience!

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