The Ring

A mysterious videotape and sudden deaths. Do these two connect and how?

MISSION: Solve the mystery of Samaras death

It all started with the mysterious and sudden death of an otherwise healthy girl; namely Samara Morgan. Her shocked cousin is institutionalized in the Seattle mental hospital. The only thing she is talking about is a little girl with long black hair and a videotape. There is an urban legend about this videotape – you must not watch it under any circumstances. Those who give into temptation and watch it, will have to solve the mystery of the tape, or else Samara Morgan will haunt you.

Do you have the nerve and the courage to discover what has happened and not to come across Samara?

60 min

3-8 players

From ages 16 and up

Fear factor - High

Difficulty: 9,5/10

From 312 kr. pr. person.

About the game

On arrival one of our skilled GameMasters will receive you, and introduce you to the game. When the door closes behind you, you’ll be alone in the room.

You’ll have 60 minutes to figure out the connection between the video and Samaras death. If you need help during the mission, then the GameMaster can give you hints and help. The room is dark, ambient and most importantly, scary.

The Ring has a high fear factor, and difficulty, and will test even the sharpest of minds. Smarts and curiosity can get you far, but no one can solve it alone, as it’ll require teamwork and communication to complete the mission within the 60 minutes alotted. If you succeed the mission, we’ll log your time, and the best will be displayed on our leaderboard.

The Ring is loosely based on the Japanese cult-classic of the same name, but you don’t need to have seen the movies to play the game.

Good luck.

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