Wow! Supercool visiting RiddleHouse and seeing the details - indeed an absolute outstanding experience in what I would call Denmarks best Escape Room. Would strongly recommend to everyone!



The rooms will be opening in Roskilde on 10th of april.

...At a company event, where they did a fantastic job at activating. our big groups, with exciting riddles, codes and all the challenges in the world. They were really good at sparring with us at the event and I they can strongly be recommended!


Top professional, from the get go. It was perfect for team building! You forget time and place. Riddlehouse is very thought through og cool designet, and it's extremely challenging and fun. The best recommendations from me...



Write us at or call us at
71 74 91 41

If you are a big group, who are going to be playing two rooms, then we can start both rooms at the same time (normally there is a 30 min. time gap). Just write “we wish to start together at xx hour” in the comments box.

We are opening in Roskilde on Møllehusvej 1, in the basement under Netto on the 10th of April. The first 100 bookings receives a 10% discount. The discount has already been deducted from the booking price.


(for 2-6 players)
A eastern-european Doctor has an internship at Roskilde Hospital. But soon after, younger women start going missing in the city. The Doctor is doing his own macabre experiments in his sparetime and has kidnapped one of your female friends. Can You find her before it's too late?..


(for 2-6 players)
The world famous archaeologist, Professor Jones, has disappeared on an expedition. The Juwel “The Star Of the Nile” is to be on display at the National Museum, but only the Professor knows where it is. Can You find the jewel before they are going to display it.


(for 20-400 players)

This mobile event is perfect for companies, leisure assocations, sports clubs, schools etc – we vist you with gamemasters, equipment etc., and the event will be tailored to meet your exact needs.

In 1992 some very valuable original scripts from H. C. Andersen was stolen – your group is now a gropu of secret police agents, and together you have to solve the case and find the stolen scripts. In 60 minutes you will have to do your best and put teamwork and logic thinking to the max.

The only online escaperoom in Denmark –  for groups of 4-6 players – and all groups are competing against each other to get the best time score. All groups play on their own (only one) computer. This is pure teamwork, communication and lots of fun.

We will arrive with gamemasters, props and everything else you need for a serious teambuilding event – please write us at for more information.

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