If your group is 20 persons or more, we offer serious teambuilding with our mobile business game – with or without a presentation on personality types – or just simple fun and entertainment in our physical rooms.

The mystery of the stolen Hans Christian Andersen manuscript – up to 400 participant

This mobile event is perfect for companies, leisure associations, sports clubs, schools, etc. – we come to you with Gamemasters, equipment, etc. and the event will be tailored to meet your exact needs.

In 1992 some very valuable original Hans Christian Andersen manuscripts were stolen – your group is now a group of secret police agents, and together you have to solve the case and find the stolen manuscripts. In 60 minutes you will have to test your teamwork and logical thinking to the limit.

The only online escape room in Denmark – for groups of 4-6 players – and all groups compete against each other to get the best time score. All groups play on their own (only one) computer. This is pure teamwork, communication and lots of fun.

Ragnarok and Spymaster

We can also make a company package in our escape rooms with max. 24 persons, with many possibilities: debriefing, drinks, prizes, managers monitoring the games etc.

Phone or write to a member of our sales team (below) for further information.


NEW! Combine the mobile escape game with presentations, exercises and good fun about personality types. We work together with the consultancy agency, where Mr. Rasmus Visby provides valuable insight that will make a difference when it comes to cooperation, development or communication. The insight will give you sound things to consider and a firm grip about internal and external relations. The presentation is both serious and good fun, and can be used either before the game or as a part of the debriefing after a short break. Duration from 60-120 minutes.

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Ralf Petersen
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Our B2B customers

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