Pablo Escobar

You're straight on the tail of one of history's greatest criminals. Can you track him and stop this madness?

MISSION: To reveal and stop Pablo Escobar

The year is 1993. You’re in the jungles of Colombia. For almost 20 years, the Medellin-Cartel has caused chaos and turmoil. Pablo Escobar, the leader of the cartel is constantly being hunted by police and related agency, and is now current on the run.

You’re a part of the policeforce tasked on hunting him down, and after tracing a phone call you’ve located Escobar’s hidingspot in the jungle.

You now have one hour, to find him and catch him, before he escapes again.

The aesthetics of this room is exotic and filled with excitement, you’ll need to find hidden elements and props to solve the mysteries hidden in the jungle.

60 min

2-6 players

Fitting for kids, 12 years and up

Fear factor- Low

Difficulty: 8/10

From 166 kr DKK. pr. person

About the game

On arrival one of our skilled GameMasters will receive you, and introduce you to the game. When the door closes behind you, you’ll have 60 minutes to clear the many riddles and puzzles that Pablo escobar contains. You’ll be alone in the room, but if you need help on your mission, you can ask the GameMaster for help. In the Colombian jungle, everything and anything can happen, and nothing is what it appears to be.

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