The Blue Star must be exhibited in an hour, can you find it before the National Museum needs to showcase the beautiful jewel?

MISSION: Find the Blue Star

The world-famous archaeologist, Professor Jones, has disappeared on an expedition. The jewel “The Blue Star” is to be exhibited at the National Museum. And only the professor knows where it is.

Can you find the jewel before it has to be exhibited?

Professor Jones 2 delt

60 min


Fitting for all ages

Fear factor- Low

Difficulty: 8/10

From 133 kr. pr. person

About the game

On arrival you’ll be greeted by one of our skilled GameMasters, who’ll introduce you to the game. During the game he’ll keep track of your progress, and if needed, can send you hints and help via. A screen placed in the room. On the screen you can also see your time and your progress in the room.

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