The scene is set in Valhalla. Loke has stolen and hid Mjölnirr, Thor's hammer. The Jotunn army marches forward towards Asgaard. The gods are overwhelmed. In an hour, Ragnarok will begin. Can you prevent it?

MISSION: To prevent Ragnarok

In an hour, Ragnarok will begin. Odin, the king of the gods, needs a group of brave people who can find Mjølner before Ragnarok breaks loose.

You have 60 minutes to find the hammer. Can you prevent Ragnarok? You are the ones who can decide the fate of the gods. Are you the heroes who will save Asgård?

Ragnarok 2 delt

60 min

2-6 Players

Fitting for children, ages 10 and up

Fear Factor- Low

Difficulty: 8/10

From 133 kr. pr. person

About the game

On arrival you’ll be received by one of our skilled GameMasters, who’ll introduce the game. When the door closes behind you, you’ll be alone in the room, with the fate of the gods in your hands.

You’ll have 60 minutes to find the place where Loki has hidden Mjölnirr, and thereby give the gods the strength to defeat the Jotunns. If you have a need of aid during the mission, the gamemaster can give you hints and clues along the way. This room is based off of the Nordic mythology, and is staged with loads of ambient elements using light, sound, props and more.

Ragnarok has a low fear factor, and with a medium difficulty making it good for a family or casual group of friends. Smarts will get you far, but only by communicating and with teamwork will you succeed within the time alotted. Once you complete your mission, we’ll log your time on our leaderboard, and if you like, we’ll  post your team pic on our social media.

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