Why are the young people suddenly disappearing from town? They've all been in contact with the town doctor, but could he really be the culprit?

MISSION: Save your friend and escape!

A new doctor has come to town, and suddenly the young people starts disappearing without a trace.

The young are disappearing under mysterious circumstances after being in contact with the doctor – you’ve managed to find hints and clues of this horrifying connection, as your friend has suddenly gone missing.

You’ve tracked her to the doctor’s basement, and you begin to suspect, nay, fear, the experiments that goes on in the dark.

Slaughterhouse 2 part

60 min

2-6 players

Fitting for children, 12 years and up.

Fear Factor- Medium

Difficulty: 8/10

From 133 kr. pr. person.

About the game

On arrival you’ll be received by one of our skilled GameMasters, who’ll introduce you to the game. When the door closes behind you, you’ll be alone in the doctors dark basement. You’ll have 60 minutes to free your friend and escape the basement, before the mad doctor returns. If you need help during the mission, you can ask the GameMaster for help and hints.

Slaughterhouse has a medium fear factor, and a difficulty that’ll test most people. Smarts will only get you so far, it takes cooperation and communication to succeed before the 60 minutes are up.

If you make it out in time, your score will be added to the leaderboard of the day, and if you like, we’ll share you on our Social Media.

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