The Cold War: NATO and the Warsaw Pact fight each other by all means except direct war. The Soviet has sent their best spy to Denmark, The Spymaster. Can you prevent World War 3?

MISSION: find the secret documents

The Soviet has sent their best spy to Denmark, The Spymaster. He has infiltrated the Stevns Fort and stolen the floor plans. You are a group of secret agents from the Defense Intelligence Service, which has located The Spymaster’s secret hiding place at a hotel in Køge. You now have an hour to search The Spymasters room and find the secret documents before he returns?

Spymaster 2 delt

60 min

2-6 players

Fitting for all ages

Fear Factor - Low

Difficulty: 7/10

From 133 kr. pr. person

About the game

On arrival you’ll be received by one of our skilled GameMasters, who’ll introduce you to the game. The gamemaster will follow your progress via, the cameras in the room, and help you if needed. On the screen in the room, you can see your time and progress.

In the room you must solve riddles, break codes, and cooperate and communicate, together you must solve the challenges that the room yields.

The Spymaster challenges everyone, and can test even the sharpest minds. Work together, and see yourself successful, for no one can complete it alone.

Escape room offers hard challenges, and if you make it out in time, your score will be shown on our leaderboard and if you like, we’ll share a team picture on our social media.

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