The Last Passenger

An innocent train ride that ends in a nightmare. A passenger has been murdered. Can you solve this classic crimepuzzle?

MISSION: Find the murderer

The year is 1934, when the midnight train leaves from Copenhagen for its journey to Prague. When the train arrives at the station of Prague one of the passengers never made it to the final destination. The last passenger is found murdered inside his wagon. Find all the clues, solve the mystery, reveal the murderer and escape the wagon in 60 minutes!

If you fail, the murderer might strike again – so jump on the train for this classic murder mystery where you’re guarranteed excitement and atmosphere!

60 min

2-6 players

Fitting for children, ages 10 years and up

Fear Factor - Low

Difficulty: 8/10

From 166 kr. pr. person

About the game

On arrival one of our skilled GameMasters, will receive you and introduce you to the game. When the door closes behind you, you’ll be alone. You’ll have 60 minutes to reveal and stop the murderer. If you need help on your mission, you can ask the GameMaster for help and hint.

The Last Passenger is a classic murder mystery with lots of hidden clues, riddles, and mysterious objects.

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