The princess is in a magical sleep. Can you find the antidote and the witch's name before it's too late.

MISSION: Awaken the princess

The evil witch has cast a curse on the beautiful princess, who now lies in a magical sleep. The sleep is killing the sleeping princes, and if she doesn’t get the antidote in time, she’ll breathe her last. It looks hopeless, the witch is gone and no one knows her name!

Can you find the antidote and the witch’s name before it’s too late?

The witch 2 delt

60 min

2-6 players

Fitting for children ages 10 and up

Fear Factor - Low/Medium

Difficulty: 7/10

From 133 kr. pr. person.

About the game

On arrival you’ll be greeted by one of our skilled GameMasters, who’ll introduce you to the game. When the door closes behind you, you’ll be alone in the dank room.

You’ve got 60 minutes to find the witch’s name and awaken the princess from her deadly slumber. If you have a need of aid on your mission, you can ask the gamemaster for hints and clues during the trials. The room is aesthetically dark and dank, ambient to make you feel the adventurous story for yourself.

The Witch offers challenges for everyone, and will test even the sharpest minds. Smarts will get you far, but no one can do this alone. In order to complete the mission in 60 minutes, you’ll need to work together and communicate. If you make it out in time, we’ll post your score on our leaderboards, and if you like, we’ll put a team picture on our social media.

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